Shanmugavel Arthanari Creative Director

Be it work or life, he believes in keeping it simple and sensible. Having worked with global and national brands in the advertising industry for the better part of a decade, Vel has developed a great love and understanding for brand building and communication. He likes his coffee black and when he’s not drinking out of a mug, he’s busy designing one.


Pradheep Lakshmanan Head - Client Relations

Diligent, energetic and hardworking, Pradheep has been helping shape creative needs of clients for quite a while now. His world knowledge and keen observation skills are his biggest assets. Being a film buff, he goes through atleast a dozen movies a week; he’s our in-house IMDB.


Shradha Mohan Creative Supervisor & Client Relations

Self-confessed font junkie, music lover and evangelist of all things Apple, Shradha is our one-stop-shop for all things work related. With her intuitive sense for graphic design, she took to the world of branding and communication like a fish takes to water. She likes bright colours and swimming on weekends.


Shwetha Mohan Client Relations

Always restless, always curious and ever enthusiastic, Shwetha is Madame Multitask.
She has a keen interest in clothing and retail and has her own production outfit. She is a great believer in the power of retail therapy, and her all-time favourite is her son Advaith.


Sheetal Elangovan Web / Digital Consultant

Restless, curious and full of life, Sheetal is like no other. Her penchant for creativity led her into the vast world of design where she found herself completely at home in multimedia and web design. She is our go-to-gal for everything digital. She is more fond of eating than she is of cooking, can’t live without her Mac and her boxer, Maximus.


K.S. SRINIVASAN Art Director

Talented, patient and meticulous, Srini loves all things art. He's one of those rare design enthusiasts you find maybe thrice in a lifetime.He has a sharp eye for detail, an insatiable thirst for design and is always onto the next big idea. When he's not working he keeps busy with a good game of chess or snooker.